Our five star reviews

At Freestyle Football Workshops, we do all we can to deliver the best possible service to schools and other organisations. Everything we do is designed to make our service engaging, exciting, friendly and challenging. And we always want to drop jaws.

We also understand, particularly for the schools we work with, that it is really important to be kind and patient with children. As well as ensuring that every single pupil gets to take part.

You may think it’s odd for a business that has the word football in its name to state that its service has very little to do with football. But it’s true. That is just a round thing that helps with what we do. And that’s to promote the importance of physical and mental health, and develop a will to achieve.

Thankfully, as our many testimonials show, we think we are getting it right. Here are a just a couple of those five star reviews that we’ve been lucky enough to receive.

What do people think of Freestyle Football Workshops?

“The children absolutely loved the inspirational assembly, workshops and after school Masterclass that Jamie delivered. The children were motivated and engaged from the beginning of the day and could not wait to get their hands on a football. And practice some of the amazing skills Jamie demonstrated. The children felt inspired. And it gave them the confidence to try out new things. We have even had a group of children asking to practice freestyle football skills on the playground. Which shows the impact the day had on the children. Thank you Jamie, Kingsway loved it!”

“Jamie came to visit us at Gosberton Academy yesterday. The whole day was absolutely brilliant. Jamie was really good with our learners, constantly encouraging and developing them. He led a whole school assembly where he talked about his experiences and his career. As well as showing the learners and staff some of his exceptional skills and tricks. Throughout the day, Jamie worked with each class. It was great to see so many of our learners having a great time. And then going on to want to practise these skills at break and lunch. After school, Jamie led a masterclass session for some KS2 learners. And they thoroughly enjoyed this and went away with many different skills to continue to work on. The day was a huge success. So, if you are looking for something to promote being active, but want something slightly different and something that is going to be new to all learners, look no further. Thank you Jamie for the day. A day that everyone will always remember.”

More five star reviews

We have a loads of reviews that you can look at. Just head to our external review provider, Trustist, to have a read through them all. We are thrilled to say that every single of one of the 86 we have are five star reviews. Read them here.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about what we do then please take a look around the website. And of course, do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can help amaze your pupils.

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