In action at the World Cup

As well as running the incredible and highly regarded school freestyle football workshops, in both the UK and around the world, Jamie Knight takes his workshops to special events. At the end of 2022, Jamie was asked to run his freestyle football workshops at arguably the biggest event in the footballing calendar, the World Cup.

FIFA booked Jamie to entertain people throughout the Qatar World Cup, hosting numerous workshops at its various Fan Zones. The workshops were incredibly popular and introduced the art of freestyle football to thousands of people throughout the tournament. It was an amazing experience for Jamie.

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel the globe on numerous occasions since I launched Freestyle Football Workshops. But the chance to show what I can do on the biggest stage of them all was something quite special. I met so many amazing people, many of whom were new to the concept of freestyle football. As always, seeing people try to do the tricks I teach and achieving them with a little bit of practice was a joy to behold.”

You can have a look at Jamie in action on his Instagram feed here.

About the workshops

As well as being incredibly entertaining, Jamie Knight’s Freestyle Football Workshops are the perfect way to develop physical and mental health and the importance of a growth mindset. And whether football is your thing, or it absolutely isn’t, the workshops will thrill you.

If you’d like to book a workshop, you can do so here.

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