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Our freestyle football workshops amaze and inspire. Everyone.

At Freestyle Football Workshops we provide inspiring, interactive and fully inclusive workshops across the UK and beyond. Using the wow factor of freestyle football, we develop physical and mental health and the importance of a growth mindset. And whether football is your thing, or it absolutely isn’t, our workshops will thrill you. Take a look at our workshop video below to see Jamie and the children in action.

Don't just take our word for it

Our freestyle football workshops amaze inspire drop jaws

Jamie was amazing with the children and they were incredibly impressed with his skills, I have never heard so many 'awesome' 'amazing' 'Wow!' comments before; he has inspired so many of our children, who are still practicing and perfecting the moves that Jamie taught them. Jamie showed the children that there is so much more to football and engaged everyone. Jamie pitched his sessions to all of the year groups, just perfectly, so all of the children could access the lesson and enjoy it to the full. The day was incredible for all and we will definitely rebook Jamie again for another fun packed day.

Utterly jaw-dropping

Our freestyle football school workshops

We’ve been providing freestyle football school workshops, both in the UK and around the world, since 2017. Our workshops are led by some of the world’s best, professional freestyle footballers. But our people aren’t just handy with a ball. They understand that for children to get the very most from the sessions, they need an inherent ability to engage everyone. As well as patience and a focus on encouraging children to never give up. So, that’s what they do. Every single time. It’s an approach that school’s love and has seen us gather a wealth of five-star reviews. Take a look at Jamie in action or find out more.

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Unique and engaging

Our corporate workshops

Our freestyle football workshops are perfect for businesses. Engaging, exciting and challenging, they help develop creativity, the importance of innovation and teamwork. And, of course, they are a lot of fun.

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World renowned freestyle footballer

About Jamie Knight

Jamie Knight is the founder of Freestyle Football Workshops. He is currently recognised as one of the world’s best freestyle footballers. Jamie has travelled the globe, working with some of the most prominent global brands, including Nike, Adidas and Red Bull. Jamie has also performed at some of the biggest worldwide sporting events, including an on the pitch performance at the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final, watched by a global audience of over 200 million people.

A great way to use sports premium funding

Our workshops are a fantastic way to use some of your school sports premium funding. We focus on the importance of good physical and mental health, on never giving up and having fun together. Our workshops are completely inclusive. So, we ensure that children of all abilities have the chance to meaningfully participate. And, of course, freestyle football doesn’t require significant spend on lots of fancy equipment. Because all you need is a ball. And whilst our workshops are fun, they teach some important stuff

a child balancing a ball on their neck

Physical development

There are many physical benefits to practising freestyle football. Amongst others, they include better fitness, increased body awareness, better coordination and improved agility and balance.

a group of children watching a girl spin a football

Social development

Our workshops are proven to significantly improve mental health. They help increase self-confidence, build stronger peer to peer relationships, and enhance concentration.

a boy performing a freestyle football trick

Personality development

Our workshops allow imaginations to flourish, teach the importance of being persistent and focus on a practice makes perfect approach that is deeply transferable to other areas of life.

Don't just take our word for it

Our freestyle football workshops amaze inspire drop jaws

Jamie visited us at St Leonard's last week and enthralled all of of our pupils, from nursery to Year 6 (and also the staff!) His impressive whole school assembly demonstrated his amazing skills and had the children squealing with excitement and delight. His workshops enabled all pupils, whatever their age or ability, to try some of his tricks and skills - giving all pupils a real sense of achievement. His after-school workshop was attended and the children left full of enthusiasm and excitement. It was particularly great to see our less active/sporty children be enthused and engaged. We would highly recommend Jamie! Thank you!

Exciting and inspiring

Our holiday camps

If you’d like to add something truly unique and memorable to your holiday camp, we can do just that. Jamie and the team regularly team up with some of the biggest names in football to provide unique and inspiring days and weeks for children of all ages and all abilities.

a boy watching a boy performa freestyle football neck balance

News and Resources

We regularly write on all things freestyle football related, as well as providing lots of helpful video content and resources. You can see our latest posts below.