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We provide amazing school workshops. Always tailored for your unique school.

No matter what type of school you are, or where you are based, we create bespoke and highly engaging workshops for your pupils. Workshops that we know they are going to love. We work with primary schools, secondary schools, independent schools, SEN schools and even international schools. And, whilst our schools may be varied, our approach is always the same. Because we always help create the perfect day for your unique school. 

Don't just take our word for it

Our freestyle football workshops amaze inspire drop jaws

Jamie Knight carried out a spectacular day of inclusive, engaging and exciting freestyle football workshops. All of our pupils were so excited and inspired by the day! He made sure that all children were engaged and each workshop was pitched at their level. He taught the children some of his favourite tricks and skills and his step by step teaching method ensured children were able to pick up the skills quickly. At the start of the day Jamie carried out an engaging and breath-taking assembly with a phenomenal showcase of his talent, it was upbeat and started the day of workshops with a bang! He answered lots of children's questions throughout the day and brought a positive atmosphere to our school. Jamie was super flexible during his visit to our school. At the end of the day he carried out an extra masterclass workshop as well as a final performance of his amazing talent for our pupils. It was such a great day all of our pupils and staff were astounded, it was inspiring and impressive.

School workshops. The key facts.

Jamie visited ABA International School in Muscat, Oman

What does a typical day of school workshops look like?

You can see below what a typical day looks like. If, indeed, one exists! This is based on a single form entry school. For two or even three form entry schools, we offer discounted rates for continuous days booked, in order to make sure we cover all year groups. Just get in touch and we can structure the perfect schedule for your school.

A whole school assembly
whole school assembly
Reception Workshop
Jamie and a girl spinning a ball
Year 1 Workshop
Jamie spinning a ball in a school workshop
Year 2 Workshop
A girl performing a trick in a school workshop
Year 3 Workshop
Jamie performing for a year 3 school workshop
Year 4 Workshop
Jamie talking to a class at a school workshop
Year 5 Workshop
Multiple children in a school workshop
Year 6 Workshop
two boys balancing a ball on their necks

Don't just take our word for it

Our freestyle football workshops amaze inspire drop jaws

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What a fabulous experience for both the children and adults in our school! We were all blown away by Jamie's talent and in the workshops even the youngest children were engaged and able to try out some of his skills. Thank you so much for visiting our school.

What does a typical assembly cover?

Jamie helping a child to balance a ball in a school workshop

And what does a typical workshop cover?

Our freestyle football school workshop packages

At Freestyle Football Workshops we offer standard packages. But, if you don’t see something that you think will suit your school, please get in touch. We are very happy to tailor our days to your unique requirements.

The Gold Package

The Silver Package

The Bronze Package

What freestyle football tricks do we teach?

Our workshops teach a total of 15 tricks, using the lower body, the upper body and arms and hands.

A girl performing a flick

Lower body tricks

Two boys and Jamie Knight doing tricks

Upper body tricks

Jamie and a girl spinning a ball

Arms and hands tricks